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Selling your phone to Repair Lounge

Please read these terms carefully before selling your phone. By selling, you agree to abide by our terms.

Terms & Conditions

Our website is intended only for our customers who live in the UK or the island of Ireland. We may, in our sole discretion, accept or reject the sale.
  • You must own the devices you send to us.
  • We do not buy stolen phones. We do not buy motherboard defective, wet, warped, Touch-ID or Face-ID defective or disassembled phones.
  • We do not buy phones that lack the FaceTime app. This may occur on certain phones purchased from abroad.
  • We do not buy iPhone 12 models where the cameras do not work normally
  • We do not buy phones with camera shutter sounds when the phone is silent. This may occur on certain phones purchased from abroad.
  • We do not purchase phones that are carrier-locked or locked to an Apple ID account.
  • Your device must be a genuine product.
  • For example, a motherboard failure may indicate that the phone is not reading the SIM card, that the phone is not connected to a network, or that the phone is not saving audio files in any format.
  • Once we receive your shipment, ownership of the contents of the package will pass to us immediately upon payment.
  • You can cancel your sale at any time before sending the device by notifying us via email.
  • We will pay the price shown on our website for your device if the phone is in the stated condition. If the condition is better than stated, the credit price of the phone will increase. If the condition of the phone is worse than stated, the credit price of the phone will decrease.
  • If the phone is unrepairable, we will return it or recycle it free of charge.
  • You can get instructions for sending the device from us. Careful packaging of the device is the responsibility of the sender.
  • If you send the phone yourself, the package must be sent with tracking. Repair Lounge is not responsible for delays or loss of parcels sent by letter mail or without a tracking code.

Phone for sale and condition

The refundable price is affected by the phone model, memory and condition. We test all equipment carefully.

A working phone

Intact phones must be fully functional in all their features. The body of the phone must be intact and not cracked. The fingerprint sensor or face sensor should work. All of these are bound by the following definitions:

  • The phone must be able to be switched on and off.
  • The phone includes a battery and a back cover or glass.
  • The device must not be damaged by moisture.
  • The screen must be intact and fully functional and free of cracks or color defects / dead pixels.
  • All parts must fit the body of the phone perfectly.
  • The body of the phone must be intact.
  • The phone must not be bent.
  • All parts of the phone must be stored.
  • The phone's fingerprint sensor (Touch-ID) or face sensor (Face-ID) must work.
  • For iPhone 12 models, the camera must operate normally.
  • The screen glass, bezel, and touch screen are intact and there are no large marks on the phone.
  • The display frame must match the original, for example, a specific color model must have a color matching display.
  • If parts of the phone have been replaced by a third party, we will always process these on a case-by-case basis and this may affect the refund price.

Broken phone

The screen glass and / or touch screen is broken or the screen has LCD / pixel damage. In addition to this, the phone may have other faults from the following list:

  • Defective battery (Phone does not turn on)
  • The glass of the phone display is detached from the frame
  • There is no sound from the earpiece
  • Side switches do not work / work poorly
  • The front camera does not work / works poorly
  • Rear camera does not work / works poorly (Excluding iPhone 12 models)
  • There is no sound from the speaker
  • Defective charging connector (phone does not charge properly)


If you send us a water-damaged, warped, Touch ID or Face-ID defective or motherboard defective phone, we will deliver it for free recycling or send it back to you. Careful packaging is always the responsibility of the sender.

Information about receiving your payment

After we receive your phone, we will review it within 1-4 business days. We will then pay the refund price to the account you provided in the sales note. To speed up the payment, you can choose to bring the phone directly to the nearest Repair Lounge store. Delivery of a package sent by post depends on Royal Mail's delivery times and usually takes at least 1-3 working days.

Your shipment must include your name, address, telephone number, and email address and account number for payment.